About Us

Willow & Stump Design Co. is a multidisciplinary studio focused on creating meaningful products designed to function in our modern world. Partners Kaly Ryan and Bram Sawatzky are Industrial Designers based in Vancouver, Canada. Initially inspired by the constraints of designing for small spaces, the pair co-founded Willow & Stump in 2014 to meet the needs of others looking for products as elegant as they are functional.

The studio believes in using the local community and resources to provide clients with innovative solutions to their design challenges. Using in house 3D fabrication such as CAD modeling, CNC, and Laser cutting, Willow & Stump works closely with clients to create impactful designs. Through their work and in collaboration with others they strive to bring products to market that solve challenging design issues and contribute to a sustainable future.

Press & Events

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Scout Magazine - May 9, 2017

Design Chronicle - January 2016

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